This page contains the internal rules of conduct drawn up and submitted by the regulated companies until 26 November 2018, the date of entry into force of Spanish Royal Decree-Law 19/2018, which abolished the obligation to submit these rules to the CNMV (see section 6 of the CNMV public statement dated 22 January 2019 on the new European regulatory framework for market abuse, which also states that the CNMV continues to consider it good practice for issuers to have internal rules, measures and procedures in place aimed at promoting better compliance with obligations and prohibitions relating to market abuse, whether or not using the technique of a single internal regulation).


Register NumberRegister dateDocument
201513502324/11/2015 FAES FARMA, S.A., número de registro: 2015135023
200407074719/07/2004 FAES FARMA, S.A., número de registro: 2004070747
200305669921/05/2003 FAES FARMA, S.A., número de registro: 2003056699