This statistical publication portrays information on the issuances and admissions to trading on the markets supervised by the CNMV of fixed income financial instruments, stocks, and other financial products, categorized by economic sectors, type of asset and maturity. It shows some basic metrics such as number of issuers, number of issuances, nominal and effective volumes, average interest rates, etc., in addition to its quarterly evolution. The sources of the publication are primarily the prospectus that issuing entities must register in CNMV as a condition prior to their admission to trading on financial markets, as well as the information provided directly by the market on which the security is traded.

This publication "Estadísticas del Mercado primario de valores", which was launched in 2023, is the result of the integration of the previous publication under the same name that had been published since 2014 and the publication "Estadísticas de colocaciones de programas de pagarés registrados en la CNMV". It gives a more detailed view of the tendencies of the Spanish primary securities market and expands its scope by introducing new classifications and metrics.

Significant additions:

  • Information on issuances made by Spanish companies in foreign markets and/or issuances that meet ESG criteria.
  • Average interest rates in the primary market for different types of assets according to different criteria (market, maturity period or economic sector).
  • In addition to the time series that complement the charts, a dashboard has been elaborated so that the user could have an interactive visualization of the statistics presented here.