To view the annual financial report submitted in European Single Electronic Format (ESEF), please select the link to the annual financial report that you wish to view (individual/consolidated) in the “Type” column. To download and save the xHTML files on the disk, please right-click on the link. In addition, you may download the consolidated ZIP from the “ZIP File” column. To access the full text of annual financial reports already submitted in PDF format, please select it in the “official registration number” column.

Official Registration No.Financial Statements datePublication date (1)Auditor's nameTypeZIP file (2)Special report (3)Additional information (4)Auditor opinion (5)Emphasis of matter (5)Observations
14855 31/12/2012 20/11/2013 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS AUDITORES, S.L. Individual /
Unqualified opinion /
Unqualified opinion
Yes /
(1) Date on which the issuer has submitted its annual financial report or, if applicable, date of the latest submission in replacement of the initial one.
(2) The xHTML file submitted by the issuer, together with the files related to the taxanomy can be download from this column. The CNMV does not provide a viewer for iXBRL files.
(3) Special audit report, in accordance with article 13 of O.M. del 18 de Enero de 1991. The special audit report, from January 01, 2021, is available in Chapter VI of the interim financial report for the first half of the year.
(4) Additional information disclosed by the issuer (at the request of the CNMV, certificates issued by the Secretary of the Board and other supplementary information, such as modified files, not restated, label amendments).
(5) For further details, from January 01, 2021 please check the audit report.

The English version of the annual accounts for those entities who are obliged to submit them in Spanish has been translated by the actual entity and should therefore not be considered, under any circumstances, as official. Although issuers should make every effort to maintain consistency with the Spanish version and fully translate all the documentation included in the original version, should the entity not sent all the information in English, we kindly advise you that the only official information and the one that thus prevails shall be the one in Spanish.