Web service is an application for consulting the databases of the National Numbering Agency that is activated by calling a specific URL. In the call the contract codes of the derivatives whose characteristics you want to know are passed as query parameters. You can obtain in a single query information about one or more contracts up to a maximum of 25 contracts. The contract codes must be alphanumeric codes of 22 characters or less and, in consultation, shall be separated by the character ";".

The answer from the application to the service user is an XML file that contains the query result.

The url to be used is:

http://www.cnmv.es/WebServices/ContratoDerivado/ContratoDerivado.asmx/ContratoDerivado?sCodContrato=XXXXXX;YYYYYY;ZZZ ZZZZZ;

Where XXXXXX, YYYYYY, ZZZ ZZZZZ are the different contract codes to be consulted.

The response returned is an XML file with the following data structure for each contract consulted:

Characteristic Label
Contract code requested in the query <CodigoContrato>
Denomination <Denominacion>
Expiration date <FechaVencimiento>
Underlying denomination <DenominacionSubyacente>
Currency <Moneda>
CFI code <CFI>
Option type (only options) <TipoOpcion>
Strike price (only options) <PrecioEjercicio>

In the case that there is no data available for the requested contract, it shall be indicated on the label <Error>.

Example of use

http://www.cnmv.es/WebServices/ContratoDerivado/ContratoDerivado.asmx/ContratoDerivado?sCodContrato=PTEFAM 1700Z13;FIBXZ2;XXXXX;

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