This publication contains individual and aggregate financial information on securitisation funds as contained in the statements filed with CNMV for supervisory purposes pursuant to CNMV Circular 2/2009 and CNMV Circular 2/2016 which repeals it.

Aggregate data tables display the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and other relevant ratios and variables drawn from the accounting records of funds and their asset-backed securities. This information is aggregated by type of fund, public or private, and within the public category, according to whether the securities issued are bonds or commercial paper.

Individual fund data include the main balance sheet captions, details of asset-backed securities, debentures and other marketable securities, key performance data for the period and main cash flows.

Data published on a half-yearly basis since the first half of 2010 and on a quarterly basis since the fourth quarter of 2016. Since mid-2018 data are published annually.