The CNMV´s Official Registers contain the following information with respect to Spanish collective investment schemes and foreign collective schemes authorised for sale to the public in Spain:

With regard to mutual funds, investment companies and collective investment scheme management companies incorporated in Spain:

  • Official register number, full name, identification data for the management company and depository, and the registered offices, of each fund.
  • Initial communiqué and authorisation.
  • Supporting documents: public instrument, Articles of Association and regulation.
  • Prospectus: Basic document for mutual funds, setting out the fund´s main characteristics, which all investors should be aware of before investing.
  • Quarterly report to shareholders and investors.
  • Audited financial statements.
  • Significant holdings: in the case of mutual funds and their management companies, only for those higher than 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% or 100%.
  • Regulatory disclosures: Such as changes in back-end fees, fund manager or depository, and other information of general interest to investors.

Foreign collective investment schemes authorised for marketing in Spain.

  • Official Register number, full name, category, compartments, promoter, home country and marketers.
  • Prospectus and supporting documentation, translated into Spanish, as well as the marketing report.
  • Half-yearly report to shareholders and investors.
  • Financial statements.