Following receipt of the form, the portal will reply to the enquirer within the next three business days. Such communications will be conducted informally, by e-mail or by phone. A face-to-face meeting can also be arranged if the portal team feels it to be warranted. Every effort will be made to respond as promptly and accurately as possible, allowing for the novelty of the subject matter.

When the interested party presents a business project, the portal team will verify whether the project is innovative, has reached a sufficiently mature stage and is beneficial to investors. To decide this, the following criteria will be used:

  • Projects will be considered innovative if they are not already on the market or have not been rolled out on a significant scale.
  • In assessing a project’s maturity, consideration will go to the resources invested and the development stage of the product or service.
  • A project is considered beneficial to the investor when it improves the quality of the product or service and/or brings down its price.

After projects are evaluated, those deemed to require CNMV authorization will be passed on to the corresponding department1.

1Contacts through the Fintech portal do not imply the start of an administrative procedure, and any information given may not be deemed as legal advice of a binding nature. All details provided will be treated as confidential.