(*) Mandatory field. If the adress where the answer is to be sent is a company adress, indicate the name of the company, together with the name of the natural person who is sending the application.

(**) It is mandatory to include a contact telephone number, just in case there is a need to provide the applicant with any information related to the application through that mean.

* Reason for submitting this form:

(*) Mandatory field.


Access to the procedures of the CNMV Virtual Office and the information and documentation submitted to the CNMV require providing personal data that shall be processed by the CNMV, the latter being the data controller of such personal data. The purpose for processing the data is that which corresponds to each of the procedures detailed herein. The CNMV is entitled to carry out this data processing by virtue of its public interest mission, in the exercise of the public powers conferred on it and in order to comply with applicable legal obligations. Where a legal obligation exists, the information and documentation submitted, and accordingly, the personal data contained therein, may be disseminated on the CNMV’s website, and may also be communicated to third parties (including, inter alia, administrative or judicial authorities, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, ESMA, other regulators and supervisors). Any international personal data transfers outside the EU shall be duly legitimised. The personal data provided shall be kept for the period of time necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they were gathered, to determine any liabilities that may arise from such purpose, and during the periods established in the regulations on files and documentation.
The data subject, in accordance with data protection regulations and with the requirements, purposes and limits established therein, may exercise his or her rights before the Spanish National Securities Market Commission. The data subject may also, prior to filing a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, contact the CNMV’s data protection officer.