European Venture Capital Company - Small and Mid Caps
Official Register No.Official Registry DateRegistered officeShare capitalLast prospectus dateProspectus (*)DFI (*)
10 22/04/2016 C/ DOCTOR CADAVAL 2, 1º. OFICINA A, B, C - 36202 VIGO (PONTEVEDRA)2,470,159.75 25/02/2022 PDF document
(*) Responsibility for the content and accuracy of the Prospectus and KIID falls exclusively upon the management company, or the self-managed vehicle, as appropriate. The CNMV does not verify the content of these documents.
Individual audit
YearAuditorAnnual financial reports
2022 Margarita De La Cruz De La Rosa
2020 Margarita De La Cruz De La Rosa
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