Open-ended collective investment scheme armonizada
Nº Registro oficialFecha registro oficialDomicilioCapital social inicialCapital máximo estatutarioISINFecha último folletoFolletoDFI (*)
194118/09/2001Serrano 37 - 28001 Madrid (Madrid)2,404,050.0024,040,500.00 ES0155333034 09/02/2024 Abrirá un pdf en una nueva ventana Abrirá un pdf en una nueva ventana
(*) Responsibility for the content and accuracy of the KIID falls exclusively upon the management company, or the self-managed vehicle, as appropriate. The CNMV does not verify the content of this document.

A partir del 6 de octubre de 2011 el registro de folletos y documentos con los Datos Fundamentales para el Inversor (DFI) de las Sociedades de Inversión no requiere la previa verificación de la CNMV, de acuerdo con la normativa vigente.

Individual audit
YearAuditorAnnual financial reports
2022 Deloitte, S.L.
2021 Deloitte, S.L.
2020 Deloitte, S.L.
2019 Deloitte, S.L.
2018 Deloitte, S.L.
2017 Deloitte, S.L.
2016 Deloitte, S.L.
2015 Deloitte, S.L.
2014 Deloitte, S.L.
2013 Deloitte, S.L.
In the CNMV Audit Register (Article 13(n) of the CIS Regulation), in certain cases, the document is not made available to the public, in order to comply with data protection regulations. However, any interested party may expressly request access to this documentation from the CNMV through the channels provided.