The following information is available with respect to securities offered to the public in the primary market, securities that are listed in regulated secondary markets, and the issuers of such securities:


The CNMV´s Official Registers contain the following information for all securities offered to the public:

  • Initial communiqué and inscription of the transaction.
  • Supporting documents.
  • Audited financial statements.
  • Prospectus: contains information about the issue and the issuer´s activities and finances, organised into the following chapters:
    • CHAPTER I: Persons assuming liability for the content of the prospectus, and supervisory bodies.
    • CHAPTER II: The public offering and the securities that are offered.
    • CHAPTER III: The issuer and its capital.
    • CHAPTER IV: The issuer´s main activities.
    • CHAPTER V: The issuer´s net worth, financial position and results.
    • CHAPTER VI: The issuer´s directors, management and control.
    • CHAPTER VII: The issuer´s recent performance and prospects.


The following information is incorporated into the CNMV´s Official Registers for all securities listings:

  • Initial communiqué and inscription of the transaction.
  • Supporting documents.
  • Prospectus: contains information about the securities to be listed and the issuer.

Tender offers

The following information is registered for tender offers for listed securities that are under the CNMV´s supervision:

  • Supporting documents.
  • Prospectus: sets out information about the characteristics of the offer and the bidder.

Regulatory disclosures

Discloses information on events related to listed securities and their issuers that may have an impact on their market price.

Significant holdings

Disclosures of controlling positions in the capital of listed companies.

Financial information

Contains the following information with respect to each listed company:

  • Half-yearly financial statements, including separate and consolidated balance sheet and income statement, unaudited.
  • Quarterly financial statements, containing advance information about the company´s performance in the quarter.

Audited financial statements

Contains the annual financial statements, directors´ report and auditors’ report, both separate and consolidated, for all listed companies.


Contains the numerical identification codes for securities assigned by the National Numbering Agency.

Public instruments providing for the creation of uncertificated securities

Contains the public instruments creating uncertificated securities.